Collagen Supplements for Younger Looking Skin Now

Collagen supplements are becoming a popular substance, especially in the fight against signs of aging, as well as a way to get rid of scars, help heal wounds, treat burn victims and much more.

Collagen also helps to maintain the outside structure of the body’s cells. But what is collagen and how can it benefit the body?

What is Collagen?
Collagen is a stringy kind of protein found in the body’s connective tissues and it gives support to our body’s skin, bones, tendons, hair, and muscles. It works with the components keratin and elastin to ensure the skin stays smooth and supple. Plus, it helps blood veins and arteries, as well as the cartilage in the body to stay strong.

When we get older, our body stops making collagen, and so in order to keep a young appearance and get rid of wrinkles, lines and aging problems like joint pain, you may need to take collagen supplements. For instance, collagen supplements made into creams can be rubbed onto the skin to help fade fine lines and wrinkles.

collagen supplements If the organs don’t get enough collagen, they may get weaker and therefore not work as well. In the case of the heart, for instance, it actually gets larger because it has to pump harder and so the muscles stretch from the strain, and the heart walls thin out and that can cause an eventually heart attack or heart disease.

What are Collagen Supplements?
Collagen supplements are tablets, shots, or liquids that we can take to help give our body more collagen as we lose it as we get older. Collagen supplements are made from tissues from cows, pigs and chickens.

In some cases they may also have in them products such as yeast, shellfish, wheat, gluten, or soy, so some people could be allergic to some types of collagen supplements.

There are several kinds of collagen supplements, and the one that you choose should be dependent on what you are taking it for. For instance, if you are taking it to help relieve arthritis or joint problems, you should take it mixed with glucosamine, which also helps with motility and to get rid of pain.

There are collagen supplements with collagen II, and these are meant for arthritis sufferers because collagen II is what makes up hyaline cartilage, which is what is at the end of bones and helps to make up the joint surfaces.  The ones that don’t have glucosamine have collagen I and collagen III in them, which is the kind of collagen found mostly in skin.

Benefits of Collagen Supplements
Collagen supplements are said to do many things, and some of these miraculous outcomes of anti-aging, etc, are in question. However, it has been shown to be effective in helping patients being treated for various types of arthritis, or other types of joint pain and inflammation. Plus, studies done on animals show that it is also good for treating osteoporosis, and to improve the blood circulation.

Collagen supplements have also been said to help:

> Fade stretch marks
> Get rid of cellulite
> Help skin and nails be more healthy
> Assist in weight loss

Dosages of Collagen Supplements

If you are using collagen supplements to treat anti-aging, then you should take no more than six grams of it a day, but if taking it for bone and joint pain, then you might need to take as much as 10 grams. It does wash out of the body if you use too much, so there is no worry about overdosing on collage supplements.

You should also combine taking collagen supplements with Vitamin C and lysine, because these help collagen to work properly. You should also discuss using collagen supplements with your doctor to be sure that it is a safe and effective choice for treating any problems that you may have.

Studies Testing the Use of Collagen Supplements

A test done in Japan in 2008 showed that in a group of 33 women who were between the ages of 40 and 60 that consumed 10grams of collagen every day for 60 days, that 14 of them out of 33 had a 91 percent increase in the moisture levels and suppleness of their skin.

A study in France that same year had similar findings in their studies with women between 35 and 55 years old. These women also got smoother and more hydrated skin after using collagen supplements for three months.

Since the 1990s, collagen supplements have been known to help in weight loss programs because helps to reduce the appetite. This has been proven in several clinical studies using up to 10 grams a day mixed into juices and drank by test subjects. The advantage was that collagen supplements didn’t contain harmful components like hormones, acids, or fillers.

All in all, collagen supplements are useful in helping our bodies in many areas and if you are interested in taking it, then speak with your doctor for more information.